The Funkadactyls WWE: Top 10 Fun Facts You Should Know

The Funkadactyls are a professional wrestling tag team in the WWE. They were originally created for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, but after being offered contracts with World Wrestling Entertainment they moved to that company and became one of the top teams on its main show, Monday Night Raw. Here are some fun facts about these talented ladies.

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Got Into An Altercation With Tamina Snuka

The Funkadactyls have been one of the most fearless couples in WWE history, and it came as no surprise to see their first few months at work come with an altercation. When they got into a serious fight on February 6th, 2018 between Charlotte Flair and Tamina Snuka for push-starting off from earlier that week then things just took off from there!

It is a well-known fact that no one can prepare for their first time in the ring. Of course, this rings especially true when you have never even been paired up with another person before!

The Funkadactyls found themselves at an unfortunate disadvantage during those early days of WWE competition but they still managed to snatch victory from defeat on multiple occasions through creative teamwork and tenaciousness alone–something which would later come into play once again as we watched these two ladies go head over heels against some pretty remarkable foes such as AJ Lee, Bella Twins, Eva Marie among others.

Stopped Managing Brodus Clay

Brodo Clay’s Funkadactyls days are over. After he got in the way of his friends, Brodus was eventually dropped by them for various reasons that ranged from selfish to lazy; but mostly because they felt like it! The duo aligned themselves with Xavier Woods and R-Truth after dropping this former WWE star who still hasn’t learned how2play nice at times.”

The Funkadactyls would put on quite a show in their debut match. With R-Truth and Xavier Woods hooked up to the duo, they started by distracting Brodus Clay before his match with Truth. The distraction proved enough for him lose that highly competitive contest!

Teamed Up First At WWE’s Developmental Territory

The Funkadactyls are a WWE duo that made their debut this year. The valets and dancers for Brodus Clay were also part of FCW – Florida Championship Wrestling which operated from 1961-1987. At the independent company’s developmental territory there have been many impressive wins against other opponents including Aksana (a Russian Wrestler) & Leah.

The duo’s FCW run would not be very long, but their impact in tag team matches was something to marvel at. The last match that these two had together as a unit? A triple threat bout for first place and it came out victorious!

Made A Cameo On The Steve Harvey Show

The Funkadactyls have a reputation for being the most attention-seeking group of women in WWE. Whether they’re through dancing or causing drama, these two DJs will do anything to get noticed by Steve Harvey and his audience! They’ve even been invited onto The Steve Harvey Show where it’s likely that Bella Twins’ antics will make an appearance as well.”

The Bella Twins and Funkadactyls took on Steve Harvey in an ultimate dance-off to see who would win his heart. The rivalry between the two camps had been brewing for some time, so this was a great way of settling it once and for all without any outside influence!

Naomi’s Debut Single Garnered Over 4 Million Views

Naomi continues to be one of the most popular wrestlers on WWE, but she also has another passion. As a singer and songwriter in addition to being an athlete at heart, for this reason, it’s no surprise that All Night Long by Naomi was her debut single back when it came out in May 2014- even though only 4 million people saw its video online due mostly because YouTube doesn’t really promote uploads anymore these days!

The music video for her latest single features an appearance by Jimmy Uso, who appears towards the end of it. The great thing about this song’s visuals is that WWE took publishing rights and even promoted them on its website!

Received A WWE Slammy Award

The Funkadactyls were nominated for the 2013 Slammy Awards in a highly competitive category featuring some of WWE’s most talented dancers. They faced off against Summer Rae, Fandango, and The Miz among others but surprised many when Great Khali received his own nomination at nearly midnight on Friday night!

Many people thought that WWE was trying to lighten things up or maybe invoke some humor into the entire awards. The Rock vs John Cena match card won the Match of Year Award while The Shield took home a faction award at the 2013 Slammy Awards! Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella also walked away with two prizes each- one for their year in wrestling, another as Beard Of Yr

Received A Worst Ranked Match Nomination

The Funkadactyls were nominated for the worst-ranked match of the year in their battle with The Bella Twins, Jojo and Eva Marie at this year’s wrestling observer newsletter awards.

Dave Meltzer, a renowned journalist and sports historian is the upholder of this prestigious award. His contribution to world wrestling matches throughout the years makes him an honored man that deserves every ounce of praise he gets for his efforts in making sure we all know how great our sport really can be!

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards various categories including best tag teams, most improved wrestler/team etcetera With Dave’s dedication it will continue being seen as one among many sources which give fans their fix from these events

Made It To The Top 50 Female Wrestlers List: 2014-2014

The Funkadactyls have indeed been recognized for their hard work this year, as they were awarded an unexpected win in the worst match award. This won’t be something that gets them down though because not only are both Naomi and Cameron featured among one of 2013’s best 50 female wrestlers list at 24 respectively 37th place, but Mickie James also made top two!

Professional wrestling magazine, the PWI has just made its way into the top 50 female list. With names like AJ Lee and Kaitlyn on this year’s ranking – it is no surprise that they are one of many influential yet witty publications in today’s society!

Made A Cameo On The JBL And Cole Show

The JBL and Cole Show features various WWE superstars, celebrities, NFL players— anyone with fame! The show has gained more than 100 thousand views per episode.

The Funkydactyls are no strangers to the world of wrestling, having worked with some well-known names in their field. Their most recent appearance was on JBL and Cole’s show where they did a love segment that had many people asking for more dates!

The output should be fun while still being informative.

Never Won A Tag Team Championship Title

The Funkadactyls were never as impressive as the other women’s tag teams back in their day, but they still knew how to get it done. As a duo, they hold wins against both Bella Twins (Tamina and Paige), Tamina Snuka on her own behalf or with Cedric Alexander; many more WWE Divas including Rene Dupree who is currently engaged too!

The Funkadactyls had a great run, but they never got the chance to lift tag team belts because it wasn’t around back then. It could be debated whether or not this would have been different with titles available for them – in either case, there were plenty of opportunities for these ladies nonetheless!


We hope you enjoyed our list and learned a few things about the Funkadactyls that you did not know before. If there is one thing we want you to take away from this post, it’s that everyone has something special to offer. What are your thoughts on what makes somebody “funky?”