Top 10 Greatest Mexican Wrestlers Of All Time

The WWE has a rich history of Mexican wrestlers, but who are the 10 greatest? What makes them so great? Well, read on to find out.

The list includes some of the most famous names in wrestling today like Rey Mysterio and Alberto El Patron. But there are also many legends from Mexico’s past that you might not know about like Lucha libre legend Blue Demon or El Santo, one of Mexico’s most beloved superheroes.

And finally, we have included four women who have made an impact in Mexican wrestling over the years including La Diabla (the devil woman), Lady Apache, and Super Amigo (Super Friend). So without further ado here is our list.

Tito Santana

Considered one of the most underrated superstars in WWE history, Tito Santana is best known for his years as both a tag team and singles wrestler. During this 15 year span, he won not only the Intercontinental championship but also an undisputed WWF World Heavyweight Championship!

For all the competitors that have come before him, Tito Santana was a different type of grappler. He wasn’t just another competitor in WWE’s long history; instead, he became one with his own legacy and is now an integral part to Wrestlemania tradition as well!

A true example where if you can dream it up then there’s no limit on how big things could get for this future Hall-of-Famer who has already made so many dreams come true during his impressive career span lasting from 1983 until 1997 when retiring due to exhaustion after 9 years without ever losing or even having been pinned down by any other Superstar at ringside (including those household names such as Hulk Hogan).

La Parka

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It’s hard not to be impressed by La Parka. With his awe-inspiring outfit, the original Mexican wrestler has managed to stand out in every crowd he’s performed for!

The legend of Huerta Escoboza began back when this sort of thing was still new and exciting – working with promotions such as AAA or CMLL would have been enough to get fans excited then too but no doubt there are many who knew him simply because “he dressed like a skeleton.”

Despite being one of WCW’s most famous villains, La Parka managed to win over the crowd. This “Man of A Thousand Bones” would eventually move on from his home country and join up with WCW where he went head-to-head against several opponents such as Billy Kidman in matches that often involved steel chairs for revenge or punishment purposes: no one was safe when it came down to business!

Alberto el Rio

Alberto el Rio is a Mexican wrestling legend who has been loved and hated for his success in equal measures. A two-time United States champion, he began working as an independent wrestler back home of Mexico where he worked with various stables including AAA ( Arena Accidentados Antonio Asner), Ring Of Honor(ROH) among others before coming stateside to pursue American opportunities such at Lucha Underground.

Alberto El Rio became one of the most hated WWE wrestlers in history, mostly due to his ability for getting under people’s skin. He started out as Caras before changing names and becoming Dorado then Eldorado.

Alberto literally means golden boy at Alberto Riopfpra’s wrestling promotion company & has also worked with CMLL Mexico where he is known by another name – Rajah joining their roster back in 1998 but left them only 6 months later after which point hasn’t looked back since!

Alberto El Rio is both flat-out corky and orchestrated a series of attacks on some of the most loved babyfaces. He always portrayed himself in WWE as either villainous or “rudo,” but back when he was Mexican, Alberto played this heroic character called Tecnico where they would box each other instead!


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Psicosis is one of the most decorated and greatest Mexican wrestlers ever. Trained by Rey Mysterio senior, he made his debut in 1991 and would begin a long-lasting feud with Jr., which ended only after Psicsois’ hiatus from wrestling due to injury (1995). After coming back years later under the WCW banner where fans could finally see their dream matches come alive thanks largely to Goldberg vs Flair’s prime time slot every month at Wrestlemania.

Paul Heyman, the ECW booker who helped revolutionize pro-wrestling in America as we know it would not take no for an answer. He convinced WCW to bring over one of Mexico’s most popular and exciting entertainers: Psicosis
When Paul first put his proposal on the table he knew that their Cruiserweight division was already full but there’s always room at The Top! A lucha libre style wrestler made just as much sense.

Psicosis was one of the biggest names in cruiserweight wrestling, helping to take Rey Mysterio’s career heights. He also helped found Latino World Order alongside Eddie Guerrero and they became two-time Cruiserweight champions!

Juventud Guerrera

Mexicans from all over the world know about “The Juice.” CMLL’s El Guapito, or Jose Luis Mendoza wrestling with AAA Promotions before joining Mexico City-based WCW in 1997.

He would be part of a legendary stable called La Máscara under Ricardo Rodriguez that also included Rey Mysterio, Psicosis and others who brought their best matches when they traveled to shows outside Espanola due them being so popular among fans here too!

In his debut at WCW, Juventud Guerrera defeated Bill Kidman on Monday Night Nitro. Between 1996 and 1997 he competed under a mask before winning the Cruiserweight Championship in 1998 with an upset victory over Ultimo Dragon that same year.

Other wrestlers faced by this champion include Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho Kevin Nash among others!

Chavo Guerrero

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Chavo Guerrero is a third generational wrestler, and he has made his rightful place in the world of professional wrestling.

He’s one-time World Champion with six different titles to prove it–a Cruiserweight champion (2004), Tag Team specialist; two-time WCW/ WWF Intercontinental Championship & UWA world Heavy weighted title reign followed by another 2 tag team medals before joining up with Uncle Eddie as their family became just that little bit bigger when AAA promoter Mr. Dorado tattooed “Uncle” across Chav’s forehead following El Patron taping 4 unforgettable nights at Sterlo Hall Mexico.

With the guidance of his uncle, Eddie Guerrero would constantly try and influence Chavo into winning matches through cheating.

Later on in life though it wasn’t always about following what was expected; when he got older with a family to support like most people do not have this luxury who is willing (or able)to put their job before everything else?

That’s where I think you can consider us different because even though wrestling may seem fake at times -that doesn’t mean everyone should be treated as such! And so regardless if someone cheats or uses any other form off “outside help” — stay true fans by respecting those decisions no matter how

Mil Mascaras

Mil Mascaras, one of the “big three” Mexican wrestlers to put Lucha Libre on an international map. He was also one of its first superstars with more than 20 movies under his belt before becoming a pro wrestler–including iconic roles like “The Masked Man” in El Santo movie series and Blue Demon Jr.’s sidekick-the Acolador Azteca!

Mil Mascaras’s popularity in the film industry would play a bigger role in his rise to stardom. Being a luchador, he always wore a mask during his appearances and WWE never signed him but they inducted him into their hall-of-fame for contributions with pro wrestling.

Mascara ascended through Mexico’s professional wrestling scene before coming stateside where promoters were more open-minded about Latinos than elsewhere abroad due largely thanks to Mil’s international success while wearing only one trademark accessory: The Blackmailer‘s Mask which made all other wrestlers look small by comparison.

Rey Mysterio

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The 619 Rey Mysterio isn’t your average WWE Superstar. He is a technical wizard with an athletic build who has never been afraid to get down and dirty in the ring, even if it means taking on giants like Big Show!

He may not be at the top anymore but this underdog does deserve all his fame for what he accomplished during his career; beating bigger names twice as tall as him proves how skilled of a fighter The Master really is.

Rey Mysterio is a Mexican Luchador who started off in Mexico before moving to the United States and playing an important role for WCW as they popularized Cruiserweight matches.

He also helped bring about what would become known as “cruiserweights”, developing his own style of wrestling that mixed up quick moves with powerful submissions into exciting live shows watched by millions all over America; this contribution saw him kickstart out a rise within professional sport’s new category: The Light-Weight Tournament Division (Light Weight Wrestling).

El Santo

El Santo was once the biggest name in the world of wrestling, and he still lives on through his famous rivalry with Blue Demon. During El Santo’s career as a wrestler for various promotions including Mexico’s AAA promotion where they have created their own incarnation of The Saint that has gone onto fame today under different names such Halloween mask or Lucha Underground character Misticos).

The output tone should not be too serious because it is a joke about how big a deal “El Diablo” really was back then!

El Santo, a retired pro wrestler who has an acting career. As one of the most dominant stables in wrestling history with his son Eddie Guerrero Sr., El wouldn’t lose any matches during their time together and are still considered to this day as some of the most famous people involved in sports entertainment today!

El Santo is a Mexican hero who has always used his silver mask to stand out. The pop culture icon got into many intense rivalries with other legendary wrestlers, including Blue Demon; this man was called “the Man With the Silver Mask” or simply just “El Enmascalado.”

Eddie Guerrero

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While not as well-known today, there was a time when Eddie Guerrero’s name would be mentioned in the same breath with wrestling greats.

While his sudden death brought an end to such an illustrious career and made him one of history’s most unfortunate people who never got their just due from fame or fortune – all we can do is remember what they left behind: A legacy that lives on through us!

There is no greater feeling than putting your heart and soul into a match. That’s exactly what Eddie Guerrero did when he first joined WCW, but it wasn’t enough for him; so after his brief time with them brother Chris Benoit would recruit their other two friends Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko to form The Radicalz together as well!

And at WWF they were just as crafty–they won titles right off the bat – one Intercontinental (EC) Championshipurrently held by Hulk Hogan, another European(EU). They also became world tag team champions later down the line thanks again ChavoGuerro who teamed up alongside uncle Erick in 1997.


If you are looking to get in touch with your cultural roots, this list is a great place to start! These gentlemen have all made significant contributions to the sport and continue to do so today.

From their careers in Mexico City, Los Angeles, or New York – these men paved the way for other wrestlers from south of the border. It’s important not just because they’re talented but because it shows that anything is possible when one sets out on an adventure across borders and culture lines.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our favorite Mexican wrestling legends!