Top 15 Best Bald Wrestlers Of All Time (Must-See List)

We all love a good wrestling match, and we all have our favorite wrestlers. But what about those wrestlers who are bald? Who doesn’t want to see two bald guys going at it in the ring?

It’s not very often that we find an athlete with hair as close to perfect as their skull, but these men achieved this coveted look!

So without further ado, here’s a list of my top 15 best bald wrestlers of all time.

Lars Sullivan

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Lars Sullivan’s worldwide sensation is no joke, thanks to his size. His enormous frame and dominant ability have him steadily gain a cult following that won’t stop anytime soon with Vince McMahon giving him the shot of being WWE World Heavyweight Champion at age 30 while also going down in history books alongside The Rock as one half on an unbeatable team!

But things did not go so smoothly for this behemoth when he got hurt- it took up until 6 months after surgery before Lars could get back out there again.

After making his way through NXT, Lars Sullivan was added to the WWE’s main roster. Though he had some controversy in recent years due to things said on social media resurfacing once more for everyone else but him it seems like this is just a temporary obstacle that will be soon forgotten about with time as well because there’s no doubt at all about what kind of future Hall-of Famer we’re dealing with here!


Ricochet is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in WWE despite being so young. He doesn’t back down from fights, whether it’s against an experienced wrestler or anyone twice his size and age isn’t something that phases him either!

The moves Ricochet Does are seamless- he’s been doing this for quite some time now but still makes our top 15 baldest list with a long way yet to go before achieving ultimate success.


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Vader is one of the most unique and memorable wrestlers in history. A former football star, Vader’s ultimate love for wrestling saw him join AWA before eventually making his way over to Japan where he became an icon among Japanese fans known as “The Great Satan.”

After competing against some of WCW’s top stars like Sting (and later Flair) on their own turf; it didn’t take long at all until Vince McMahon Jr.’s WWF was facing off with NJPW head-on…only this time around they were fighting tooth & nail!

One such match was when Darth Vader took on Masked Kane – two warriors so obsessed with the victory that neither could let down his guard or risk defeat by unmasking first


Though he’s not one of the top stars in WWE, Cesaro has still managed to be a key player for his team on Raw. His precision and swiftness make him stand out among other wrestlers with comparable skillset who are stuck at higher-card tables while also earning himself spots on lists including “Best Bald Wrestlers Of All Time” by ESPN Magazine alongside names such as Edge and John Cena.

The Swiss Cyborg’s aggressiveness has seen him take matches up against some decorated competitors like The Rated R Superstar Roman Reigns–and come out victorious.

When it comes to tag team competition, Cesaro is considered one of the best in WWE history. He has won seven championship belts under various names and partners like Shinsuke Nakamura or Sheamus. The Swiss-born grappler began his love affair with professional wrestling at an early age thanks also to good genetics that gifted him quickness on both feet!

Big Show

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Big Show is a big man among men, with muscles to spare. Despite his huge size and weight of more than 400 pounds, Big Show’s rope work was quite impressive in WWE – he achieved massive success as an individual or member of tag teams while there were some attempts by the company at pushing him down towards number 2 babyface status for 2013 even though it just did not cut out for audiences like they had hoped so far this year, either way, you look at it!

At last check, we’ve seen that our friend Eugene O’Neill has roles on Netflix’s “A Comedy Crossover Event” alongside another popular comedian known Gabriel Iglesias- both called fluffy but don’t let their soft appearances fool ya.


Kamala was a giant of the wrestling world, and he made his debut in 1984. The Ugandan Giant would go on to be one of Wrestling’s most popular superstars ever since taking up residence at Wrestlemania III when faced off against fellow giants including Andre the Giant as well as “The Undertaker.”

The match between Kamala and Hogan is one of the most memorable matches in WCW history. The lumbering, slightly overweight man with an afro would take on his nemesis for WCWs Heavyweight championship title belt only to lose again after working WWE earlier that decade where he managed wins against Jim Duggan.

The story goes that many years ago when Hulkamania ran wild around these parts nobody could have imagined what was about to come.

Randy Orton

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The most sadistic wrestler in WWE history, Randy Orton has been able to get away with anything he wants. Not only did he kick Vince MacMahon’s head and pummel Cena’s dad; it would be impossible not to mention all those times where an opponent thought they had victory until it turned out that “Randy” wanted them dead!

Though usually portrayed as a heel, Orton’s skills and ability to rise are what make him one of the most successful WWE superstars. His transformation began with a clean-shaven head but later changed it up when he went bald for himself in an attempt at becoming “more extreme.”


Kane is one of the most unpredictable, yet dominating characters in WWE. His high-energy performances have made him an icon for fans around the world to emulate over time–even if he doesn’t look like them or come from their background!

A 9-time tag team champion with many accolades under his belt including being voted “Most Popular Cable Actor” by People Magazine (1994), Kane joined us here at WrestleMania 30 as part of our Ambulance Driver Reality Show where they put together this great rap song about how awesomely talented these athletes are when you see them up close but then turn on your TV screen because something comes charging through that door ready sneak attack ’em right outta sight.


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When you are almost done with your career, it is only natural to look for other avenues where fame and success can be found. Just like the Rock did when he left WWE after 8 years of being one of its most popular superstars- Batista also started his own box office sensation which was later picked up by Hollywood producers just before his retirement from professional wrestling in 2010.

A typical case study would involve observing how someone’s actions affect others around him or her but this time through an examination on why people become famous even without talent at first glance.

CM Punk

CM Punk is known as one of the most open and honest people in entertainment, with his straight-edge lifestyle making headlines almost every day. He was candid about not only disliking alcohol but also cigarettes – he’s a nicotine-free zone!?!?

When CM first started out on WWE TV, you could see that long hair easily poking up from behind all those styles just so they had something different going for them each match (even though it wasn’t necessary). However by WrestleMania 31 when we saw him at 40+yrs old still rocking some impressive locks…well let’s just say being bald doesn’t mean anything these days, either way, it’s good genetics or whatever.

CM Punk’s transition into the Nexus member was seamless. His straight-edge society began to feud with Rey Mysterio, so CM had no choice but to have his head shaved after losing a match against him in Texas in 2001 (according to WWE). Sadly he doesn’t make it onto this list of best bald wrestling superstars.


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WCW had been struggling against WWF’s biggest competitor, the WWE. WCW was trying to keep up with their favorite NFL team by getting better seasons and TV ratings every week but it just wasn’t enough for them anymore- especially when Goldberg walked away from his contract in 2004! But without him there were others who played an important role too; people like Hollywood Hogan made sure that this franchise would be on everyone’s mind again because now nobody could ignore “the guy who beat The Rock.”

After leaving WCW, Bill Goldberg would join the WWF in a process that took his wrestling career to an entirely new level. His size and speed gave him quick advantages over opponents as he captured their United States championship as well as two World Heavyweight Championships – one with WWE for all-time greats!

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle’s first two years in the WWE were quite impressive. Apart from capturing Intercontinental and WWF Championship titles, Kurt also went on to capture a prestigious world championship belt within that same period of time-a feat which has never been seen before!

Most people think of Angle as a WWE superstar, but his career in TNA is just as impressive. In less than two years he managed to amass five World titles and hold them all at some point during his time with one company or another!
In 2006 Kurt left the big stage after being on top for more than 10 years – six times a champ (King Of The Ring), Tag Team Champ (both), and Hardcore champion- only retiring from wrestling once WCW folded due to concussions received while competing overseas.

The Rock

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The Rock recently increased his investment portfolios by purchasing the XFL, which is expected to generate $15 million in Revenue. He also owns Project Rock Fitness Clothes Line that continues generating thousands of dollars every month for him!

Despite being one of the most successful professional wrestlers in history, The Rock is also an actor who has been honored by Forbes for earning $55 million dollars. He’s won countless awards and continues to amaze audiences with his skills on stage or screen while making friends every step of the way!

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is one of the most beloved wrestlers in history. He not only set an attendance record with Andre The Giant at WrestleMania 3 but also helped make 80’s and 90s culture what it is today.

Hulk Hogan was a seven-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and main eventer in every WrestleMania. His matches with the best of WCW’s big names are well documented – he faced off against Ric Flair, The Ultimate Warrior (an iconic figure from Hulkamania), among others while holding onto his own title belt four times over!

Stone Cold “Steve Austin”

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Stone Cold’s reign as the WWE’s top bald-athlete was one of a kind. He had an unbeatable combination of immense mic skills, stellar promos, and impressive championship runs that made him easily recognizable among fans young and old alike!

Stone Colds constant battles with authority have been ingrained in American pop culture ever since he first appeared on TV screens way back when—and fortunately so too are many memorable moments from this time period including his 6 title belts which do not begin to capture all aspects about “The Man who talks without pants”.


You don’t need hair to be a champion. These 15 wrestlers prove that bald is beautiful and you can still win the championship belt if you’ve got talent, skill, and determination!

So whether you’re in your 30s or 50s with male pattern baldness or just naturally thin on top, it’s never too late to take up wrestling.

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