15 Biggest Wrestlers Of All Time: How Many Do You Know?

I’m going to be talking about the 15 biggest wrestlers of all time, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. There are a few surprises I think you might enjoy as well.

If you want to know who is on this list, don’t keep reading any further! I hope that was enough enticement for you to read the entire post. So without further ado, here we go.


Height: 6’8

Weight: 350 lb

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Abyss’s wrestling career has been one that few can match. He is a force to be reckoned with, both in the ring and out of it where his sheer strength helped him become an NWA world champion as well as holding several other prestigious titles like tag team gold or solo championships.

An unstoppable Juggernaut who will stop at nothing for victory!

Abyss is a real-life monster, with the record for the longest reign as TNA champion. He took part in some of the most hardcore matches ever seen on sports entertainment TV and got pleasure from punishing his opponents – not to mention he portrays sadistic tendencies too!

In 17 years since starting with this company, there’s no telling how many lids Abyss broke or barbed wire amassments that’ll leave you asking about joining him at ringside when we get out next match up?

Abyss really wanted to be a WWE Superstar, but he knew that Impact Wrestling would have been his best bet. He was offered an opportunity by the company and turned it down in order to stay with them instead- this is where Joseph Parker currently works as both an on-screen character (Undertaker) or behind-stage employee providing production help!

A real-life giant of power matches between two men who are undefeated at WrestleMania could have only happened if they were powered up together.


Height: 6’1

Weight: 425 lb

Rikishi Fatu is a household name back in the ’90s thanks to his rather strange and unique gimmicks. While Rikish joined WWE during an era where unimpressive tights were needed, it soon became clear that this performer had more than skill or speed on their side; they also needed something that could keep fans invested after matches ended – which is why we saw such creative characters like “The Samoan Bulldozer.”

Rikidji not only needs a gimmick but also something u can hold onto a long time ago when U forget him as Wrestler.

The Stinkface and signature move helped take Rikishi to greater heights. A pair of sunglasses also added sneering, which made him stand out from the crowd as well as give him an edge over other competitors with his bad attitude in-ring style that would only be matched by his athletic abilities on it too!

Rikishaw’s new persona successfully reinvented after capturing world tag team titles at Monday Night Raw among more successes than most superstars could hope for during this time period.

The Undertaker

Height: 6’10

Weight: 309 lb

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If you’ve ever watched pro-wrestling, The Undertaker is the man. A seven-time world champion with an incredible resume that includes battling just about anybody in his profession—including John Cena! But it wasn’t always this way for “The Phenom”.

After making his debut at 1990’s WrestleMania I as part of WWE’stag team champions alongside teammate Kane against Roddy Piper & Greg Valentine (wow!), many people didn’t expect Mark Callaway to last more than five years before being released from active duty due mainly because he kept reinventing himself while performing so darn well each time out on stage…

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic WWE superstars to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. He proved this by becoming not only an integral part of WCW’s Monday Night War but also passed away during his time with us, making him unforgettable forevermore!

The handsome man behind bars has been playing hoops all over town since he was young–even dreaming about being pro once you could put that ball through those hoop circles just right. But then things didn’t work out as planned; lost dreams often do when they’re pursued too hard or come at such a high cost.

Kevin Nash

Height: 6’10

Weight: 328 lb

Kevin Nash is the king of WCW and WWE. He’s best known for his time in both promotions, where he managed to lift two prestigious belts- World Heavyweight Titles at age 40 with old-school wrestling skills or when younger during another era while retaining relevance even if you thought it wouldn’t last forever!

Nash’s basketball career came to a crashing end after the wrestler tore his cruciate ligament. This is when Kevin Nash realized that he had more in common with pro wrestling than just being tall and bulky, especially since so much of it involved playing politics behind the scenes.

While many fans believe coolness helped him remain relevant for so many years as a character on screen, we’ve learned from interviews how important this guy was before entering into management or commentary work – all while still working hard at maintaining his pop connections around Hollywood circles through charity events like “Nashville Uncensored” which raised over $1 million dollars last year alone.

When he eventually joined WCW as a professional wrestler, Kevin Nash underwent many evolutions before becoming the brand that he is today. In 1993 at WWE, Diesel won his first-ever title due to Shawn Michaels interference and then also became tag team champion with this same ally just months later in August of that year!


Height: 6’7

Weight: 380 lb

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During his tenure in the WWE, The Ugandan Giant was among one of few superstars who knew how to invoke fear not only towards opponents but also fans alike.

Considering he came out when many people believed kayfabe were real-life stunts and actions that happened on television for entertainment purposes (unlike today), Kamala would often play with fan’s hearts by doing unexpected things like eating “live chickens” while broadcasting live tv shows or wrestling fantasy style matches against himself where parties usually ended up getting injured due to injuries caused from battling themselves rather than an opposing team member!

It’s often hard to believe that a person can be so big and intimidating in their professional life, but WWE legend Kamala certainly did not seem like your average giant.

While he has always been one of the most colorful wrestlers on screen for audiences around the world at ringside or watching from home- his size earned him respect throughout wrestling promotions such as Mid South Wrestling where he would routinely face off against other giants such Andre The Giant among many others!

Mark Henry

Height: 6’4

Weight: 414 lb

Mark Henry is a wrestler who did not shy off from displaying his raw and pure strength when presented with the opportunity. An Olympian, Mark has held many titles in both professional wrestling AND powerlifting making him one of few people able to lift some heavyweights aside from The Big Show during his tenure as well!

With a physique like his, it’s no wonder that Mark Henry was able to become one of the most successful powerlifters in history. Not only did he hold two National Weightlifting championships and set records for squats and deadlifts; but also won American Open back in 1992 while competing on WWE stages with Shawn Michaels as an adversary!

The man has quite an impressive resume – what will we see next?


Height: 6’4

Weight: 589 lb

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Yokozuna was born in America, but he had a Japanese heritage. He started his WWE career by climbing up the ranks quickly and becoming one of their most memorable wrestlers during The Attitude Era with successes like two world championships to show for it! Contrary to popular belief then (and even now), Yokozunas wasn’t from Japan at all-just a slave who became rich through wrestling

Here’s a fact you may not know about Yokozuna: he never trained in Sumo. His size limited what movements he could make, but it didn’t stop him from executing his gimmick perfectly and registering impressive wins against some of WWE’s best superstars including The Undertaker Hulk Hogan Bret Hart among many others!

Yokozuna’s partner in crime, Mr. Fuji would pour salt into the opponents’ eyes to give Yokosuka an edge. By his time as a wrestler, he became known for playing both hero and villain which made him one of history’s greatest wrestling figures eventually receiving induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame

The use here really hammers home how quick-witted yokozunas were by showing us exactly what happened when contesting against another competitor so easily but without being too overwhelming or wordy.

Man Mountain Mike

Height: 6’4

Weight: 623 lb

It was a weigh-in at an all-you-can-eat buffet and the California heavyweight came up short. He had been training for years, but it turned out Mountain Mike was too heavy even to earn his rightful place as one of history’s greatest wrestlers by going pro under tutelage from The Great Bollock!

But then something happened that changed everything: His manager discovered this huge guy eating away on those wings with two other hungry males so they could be crowned world tag team champs… And after just 15 months as champion Calhoun teamed back up again–and now weighs 600 pounds lighter than when we first met him!– forming what has become known across America (or maybe even halfway around?)

Despite his huge size, Mountain Mike was fast and nifty when he needed to be. As a professional wrestler in NWA with various titles under his name including one for The Americas Tag Team championship; Man mountain mike won many other battle royals too like Beat the Champ television champion- all due mostly because of how agile this man can get out on top or avoid an opponent while carrying them into submission (by tossing over their shoulders). He also took part in some exciting matches that helped make him famous around these parts!


Height: 6’9

Weight: 487

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Viscera was widely known for his gimmick of the World’s Largest Love Machine. He always brought a unique vibe with him and during his early years, he used another moniker, Mabel. Viscera has been involved in tag team matches throughout WWE’s history as well where they were partners with Men on a Mission.”

This year’s King of the Ring tournament was not only a chance for some new blood in WWE but also an opportunity to establish who would be stepping up as champion. After all, it had been two days since Mabel had won his first tag team titles with Nobody and became heel after losing them so quickly! The Undertaker took on both Shawn Michaels AND Bigger challenge while he wrestled at ringside during SummerSlam ’95–no small feat considering how good HBK is when you’re trying to avoid his kicks (and other things).

Mable managed this by using more than just skill; some might say that luck played its part too.

Mabel’s career took a decline after he lost the WWF World Heavyweight Championship to Diesel.
Makes no mention of what year this occurs in or which wrestlers are involved but it is known that there were some epic matches between these two men who would go on be among Mebel’s most famous opponents ever since joining up with the big stage showdowns across America!

Brodus Clay

Height: 6’9

Weight: 375 lb

Brodus Clay is a beast on the microphone and in-ring. He has been known to get down with anything from funk, soul, or rap when needed but it’s his WWE entrance that always brings fans out of their seats – Somebody Call My Momma!”

Brodus Clay has been a WWE fan for as long as he can remember and it’s because of the Fankasaurus that this is possible. The first time we met, Brody was just an excited kid living in his own world but now with us by his side every step on our journey; we’re ready to take over Botchamania together!


Height: 7’0

Weight: 320 lb

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The Big Red Machine is undoubtedly one of the biggest wrestlers in WWE. His monstrous size has seen him dominate many matches he featured, and while not necessarily being quick on his feet or having any fancy moves up his sleeve; Kane knows how to work those ropes like nobody’s business!

The Undertaker’s evil brother goes head-to-head with “The Dead Man” for what became an epic feud between these two iconic characters – do yourself a favor and check out this classic storyline if you haven’t already done so before reading through here.

Kane is 7 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. He has gone head-to-head with some of the biggest superstars in WWE history including Edge, Shawn Michaels Stone Cold The Undertaker. Apart from lifting championship titles like an ECW champion for his work outside wrestling he’s also one-half of two-time tag team champs.

The Big Show

Height: 7’0

Weight: 383 lb

The Big Show is a third-generation superstar with roots in the wrestling business. His family has been heavily invested for years and helped pave his way to stardom as an experienced grappler – but there was one snag: WWE didn’t want him until he gained more experience!

Luckily, after signing up elsewhere ( WCW & ECW ) The World’s Largest Athlete finally found what they were looking for…and became just another successful champion. The output should be written much differently than how it currently reads.

The Big Show is one of the most formidable giants in WWE history, but it seems like they don’t understand what he can do. For instance; on more than one occasion we found ourselves asking “why did The Big Show have to be put into some weird storyline or situation?”

One time against Floyd “Money Mayweather” (what an unfair fight), another where Akenebo tried hitting him with something – whatever was available at hand really- just for funsies sake! And then there were those Wrestlemanias which had Undertaker winning streak after impressive victory even though everyone knew this guy didn’t need any help beating anyone else.

It’s not surprising that The Big Show is never the most popular guy in the Wrestlemania ring. After all, he’s always coming up on stage after someone else wins or loses!

I’ve read about how this year was no different for him… But why would you rub his wound like that? That doesn’t seem very nice at all.

The Big Show is a well-known professional wrestling giant who’s been active in the industry for over 20 years. With WCW, he managed to lift their heavyweight championship on two occasions with an impressive victory against Hulk Hogan and later at WWE when The Giant became one of only four men (with Ric Flair being another) to win both World & Tag Team Championships from that same promotion!

Mike Shaw

Height: 6’0

Weight: 405 lb

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Bastion Booger and Norman the Lunatic are just two of many monikers that Mike Shaw has gone by in his career. However, he’ll always be remembered for his feud with Bam Bigelow which ended up being one-sided when Luna Vachon came into play as well – she was loved by all!

Booger’s biggest win came at All-American Wrestling where he recorded a clean pinfall on Owen Hart.

The two would go head to head in the WWF but Boogor never managed much success since his matches were always jobbing for company mainstays like Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant.

Great Khali

Height: 7’1

Weight: 347 lb

As a child, Great Khali stood out from the rest due to his overwhelming size. From working as a security guard in Shimla before joining the police force and then WW wrestler where he became “The Great” – all this has made him one of India’s most famous people both inside & outside its borders today!

The first-ever native Indian to join the WWE, Great Khali became an instant celebrity and sporting icon in his home country. With an overwhelming size that made him a threat to all other wrestlers on stage or off it for that matter; he managed wins against renowned superstars such as The Undertaker John Cena Shawn Michaels Kane – who now has some bragging rights after being defeated by this mountainous man with soulful eyes!

Giant Gonzalez

Height: 7’7

Weight: 460 lb

Gonzalez’s size is truly awe-inspiring. The 8-foot monster was a force to reckon with earning respect from Andre the Giant and Khali, one of the biggest wrestlers ever in history!

At age 14 he experienced a growth spurt that stretched him 6’4″. And at 16 years old while playing basketball professionally back home in Argentina; this guy has some huge shoes to fill – but you know what? He can handle them just fine thanks for giant Gonzalez

Gonzalez is the first Argentinian player in NBA history to be drafted, but he had an unfulfilling career. He turned pro-wrestling all thanks to Ted Turner and WCW where he became El Gigante before retiring from the MMA competition after several years with WWE through 1995 when Ric Flair’s son Reid was born on Oct 14th, 1994 at 8lbs 10ozs.

He has since made appearances for TNA/dropping out again around ’95 then came back more recently near 2000 Lastly I guess his real name is Carlos Juarez which isn’t very impressive compared to other famous giants like Goliath

In a recent interview, The Undertaker revealed that McMahon always asked him to face some of the biggest guys recently signed by WWE. In 1993, Giant Gonzalez joined NJPW from WCW and he quickly became one and only two World Champions during his first match for them (The other being Hulk Hogan). When it came time to compete against Taker’s big debut at the King of Ring event; which many say helped build-up to WrestleMania’s prestige as we know it today. Giant assaulted!

Andre the Giant

Height: 7’4

Weight: 520 lb

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When it comes to the world of professional wrestling, few names are as well-known and ridiculed as Andre The Giant. While many WWE superstars have captivated audiences throughout time with their charisma (i.e., Stone Cold), there’s something about this man that made him stand out in a different way; his gigantic build is what drives fans crazy back in the 80s/90s when they think about how big he really was!

Andre the Giant may have been a giant, but he wasn’t just an ordinary man. He was blessed with great size and gifted athletically – despite all this talent it took time for Andre’s body to wear down due to injuries or surgeries; when people think giants in society they tend do things differently than other creatures would be judged by its mythological myths surrounding them (for instance chugging hundreds of beers at once).


The list of the 15 biggest wrestlers of all time may not be a big surprise to many people. But it’s always fun to reminisce on these larger-than-life figures who played such an important role in shaping wrestling as we know it today. I’m sure there will be some disagreements about this list, but that’s what makes sports so great!

What do you think? Who would your top 5 picks for the greatest wrestlers ever be? Let us know and share your thoughts below. In any case, enjoy reading our countdown from number fifteen down to one–the best wrestler of all time is really up for debate!