Top 15 Greatest 70’s Wrestlers Of All Time (Must-See List)

What if I told you that there was a time in the past when wrestling was good. Not just good, but really, really great.

The wrestlers were so innovative and entertaining to watch, they would do things like jump off of ladders onto opponents on the floor or put their opponents through tables with clotheslines in order to win matches.

If this sounds anything like your idea of fun then read all about my top 15 favorite 70’s wrestlers!

These are some of the greatest legends in wrestling history and they will show you why wrestling is still alive today because it has never been better than it was back then.

15. Haystacks Calhoun

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Haystacks Calhoun is one of the most famous big men in professional wrestling history. He weighed over 600 pounds, making him an absolute giant that was able to take on some heavy competition back then and score wins thanks to his size!

When you think about it though – what would have happened if someone this massive tried their hand at MMA? We’ll never know for sure because Haystack’s career came before our time so there aren’t many photos or videos available showing us how he looked during fight moves where things got physical

Calhoun, a well-known WWE tag team wrestler and one of the most fearsome competitors in that division during his time there faced many top opponents such as Bubby Rodgers and Bruno Sammartino.

14. Giant Baba

Tokyo, Japan is the city where Giant Baba became a wrestling legend. He was born in Yokohama and began his pro-wrestling training under Mitsuhiro Momota at age 16 before he even made it into professional baseball!

Two weeks later on May 23rd, 1960 with only one day of preparation for this big match against Antonio Inoki (who would become somewhat known as “The Rockstar”), Giant performed better than anyone expected him to; winning by knockout just after 10 minutes had passed.

It has since been said that without these kind people teaching me their skills when I first starting practicing martial arts, I wouldn’t be who am today.

The most memorable match that Giant Baba ever had was with Andre the Giant. They faced off in a tag team battle, and even though they lost by delivering an exciting performance on behalf of both competitors; their disqualification victory still left fans feeling contented at how well-wrestled this encounter between heavyweights turned out to be.

13. Mr. Fuji

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The WWE’s Mr. Fuji was an expert at breaking the rules, and he had a secret weapon that helped him enter matches without being disqualified or knocked out cold by his opponents. It turned out this rivalry-starting technique wasn’t just luck – it came from hiding bags of salt in your pants!

Mr. Fuji managed to win the WWE tag team championship twice, but he would be gone from WWE in less than two years. After his time as a wrestler and manager had passed over with Yokozuna, Demolitions & Powers of Pain being some of the clients; Mr. Fushito’s journey continued on…

12. The Wild Samoan

The Wild Samoans were a family of men with few words. They would resort to weird antics and gimmicks including plucking feathers off an alive chicken or grunting in primitive languages, but it is most notable that they have a deep lineage going backAnoi’a Society-the original name given by Captain James Cook when he first sighted these islands back in 1774!

The Wild Samoans were a notorious 1970’s tag team who would do anything to win the gold. They went head-to-head with teams including Rick Martel & Tony Garea, The Strongbows, and even picked their noses for fun! One year after debuting in WWE they became first-ever champions of this championship division but it wasn’t without some controversy as well–many didn’t believe that these savages could be awarded such an honor just because… well ya know how kids are sometimes right?

11. The Fabulous Moolah

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One of the most famous women in wrestling, Moolah’s career spanned over four decades. In an era when sexism was commonplace and few girls dared to step out from behind their male counterparts, she became a pioneer for female superstars everywhere – while also making herself one heckuva big star along the way!

Moolah started off her memorable life asNature Boy’s valet before transitioning into managing other top talents such as 389 Kent, who would go on to become WCCW World Champion; Sandy Parker. She even dressed up like Heavyweight champion Hulk Hogan once upon

The first woman to hold the Women’s World Championship, Fabulous Moolah made history in 1972 when she defeated Judy Martin at Madison Square Garden. Her reign as champion lasted 8 years and 6 months! Not only did this female wrestler have great success on-screen but off of it too; during her career with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), she won various title belts including one for 10 years straight before retiring undefeated at age 47.

10. Tito Santana

Tito Santana is best known for his work in the WWE, but he began as a jobber. Titles like this are given to talented wrestlers who will lose matches with established performers or heels hoping it’ll help them get over more quickly so they can become household names themselves.

After spending some time working around other people’s careers before eventually gaining attention from Vince McMahon himself during an appearance at Madison Square Garden sporting IC Championship gold on his arm; Tito made sure not to take any chances when stepping into professional wrestling.”

Tito Santana and Ivan Putski’s win at Madison Square Garden is one of the most famous moments in professional wrestling history. They defeated Johnny Valiant, Jimmy “The conquering” Vallioud to become world champion for 170 days before losing them once again – this time against Samoan teammates known as The Wild Samosas!

9. Killer Kowalski

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The Killer Kowalski was a feared and terrifying man who captivated audiences with his ruthless nature. He managed to land on one opponent’s head during his early years as a professional wrestler, which led him to be nicknamed “Killer.”

He is famous due to this fearless attitude in matches or interviews where it garnered cheers from crowds for more cruel actions like ripping off an ear or cutting somebody up really bad! In 1957 after spending most of their time wrestling all over Canada he ended up signing onto Vince McMahon’s company – WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Killer Kowalski’s career spanned over five decades of professional wrestling. He had his last match in 1974, when he faced Bruno Sammartino for the WWF World heavyweight championship and lost to him after an illustrious run that put on some impressive performances against all sorts opponents from around the world including Harley Race who was considered one if not the best wrestler during this time period!

8. Ivan Koloff

The Wild Bear is a Montreal native who wrestled in the WWE for more than three decades.

He managed to win various titles, including being world champion and having many memorable wins against renowned wrestlers such as Bob Buckland (a British wrestler), Gorilla Monsoon, and Bruno among others.

7. Mil Mascaras

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When it comes to Mexican wrestling, there is no greater name than Mil Mascaras. He began his training at an early age and joined the ranks of professionals in 1965 when he faced Goliath for the very first time during that year’s Guadalajara Experimentmask match event three years later-and won!

AJPW would be where this prodigy would make a name, not only for himself but also against top competitors such as The Destroyer before leaving them defeated on their feet every single time they were matched up together overtime periods long gone by now.

Mil Mascaras joined WWE after a ban on masks was lifted and he began his long-running feud with Superstar Billy Graham for the World Heavyweight title. While Mascaras received several shots at winning any of these world titles, always came up short – which is fitting considering Luchador’s never stepped into the squared circle without donning their signature mask

As one might expect from such an intense competitor who leaves it all in-ring performances like those we’ve seen by this man over time; Mil cannot wait to get back out there wearing only what remains between him and destiny: clothes!

6. Terry Funk

Terry Funk was a true inspiration to many up-and-coming wrestlers at the time. He became known for his hardcore style of wrestling, which he worked with various promotions including WCW, USWA (United States Wrestling Association), ECW TNA (Total Nonstop Action) & WWF(World Wide Fund For Nature).

A warrior inside the squared circle; Terry managed to win championships in almost every promotion that he went into as well!

Terry Funk made his wrestling debut in 1957 when he was just 17 years old. He wrestled all over the country and even internationally for nearly five decades before retiring from competition at age 54 due to injuries sustained while training with Bruiser Brody – an American wrestler who died after a heart attack on-stage during one match against Samoa Joe last year!

His tag team matches stand out amongst his many classics: several times partnering up Dorry The Bashful Saxon (his brother) into Das House Of Funks–known simply as “The Hosses”.

Their most famous collaboration came about because of their involvement together at Wrestlemania 2 where they faced off against another team called The Bulldogs… but you know how these things go by now.

5. Andre the Giant

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Andre the Giant’s career in professional wrestling began with a name change to Jean Ferre and then moved on from there. He met Frank Valois, who is where he relocated for some time before ending up in Japan again because of how successful they were together while managing other wrestlers out of Canada at one point or another!

Finally, Vince McMahon Jr would sign him after two long years which led this giant into becoming an integral part of the WWE superpower known as Andre “The Prince Of Wrestling” Hailwood – The Mega Powershields Mon’ Kee-Poun’-Dor!.

Andre the Giant was a promotional monster in America, who had an endless appetite for success. He entered professional wrestling with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 3 and changed its face forever; becoming one of sports entertainment’s most famous characters thanks to his size (8 foot 6)

His height allowed him to get more attention than other wrestlers because people could feel like they were looking up at someone huge when Andre walked past them on stage or invaded their living room via pay-per-view television screen!

4. Big John Studd

John “Big John Studd” is a WWE Hall of Famer and one the greatest 70s wrestlers. He dominated matches with an ease that left his opponents overwhelmed at times, due to his in-ring skills on par with some considered by many as being among if not the best ever like Hulk Hogan or even better than him!

The student of the most legendary school in professional wrestling, Killer Kowalski is known for training many future stars. One such student was Big John Studd who would go on to capture World Tag Team belts with his partner all before debuting into WWE at just 19 years old!

3. Superstar Billy Graham

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Billy Graham was not only a formidable competitor but also an incredible talker. His sharp tongue and charisma made him one of the most famous WWE superstars in history- with his own signature move to prove it!

A self-taught strategist who took inspiration from Muhammad Ali’s wit when talking himself into matches against opponents more than twice his size or weight class (once even getting disqualified!), Billy had no problem taking whatever came at him – even if that meant delivering rhymes about you on live TV.

With Grand Wizard by his side, it did not take long before Billy Graham became a WWE Heavyweight Champion. With Bruno Sammartino’s title in hand and an amazing promo game to boot; many fans flocked towards the ring en mass for their chance at seeing this superstar live on stage – all while he was still kicking out against some of the toughest opponents around!

Billy’s reign would only last about 10 months though making him one of the longest-reigning heels we’ve seen yet putting himself alongside such great heel champions like Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock who each held on to the belt longer than they should have been able to due largely because people refused to let them go without witnessing just how good these guys could really perform when given enough time.

2. Antonio Inoki

One of the greatest Japanese wrestlers of all time, Antonio Inoki’s contribution to the world of wrestling cannot be ignored. A co-founder and inaugural champion for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), he did not achieve as many titles or accolades as other pro wrestlers who came after him but what’s missing in his list? Amazing performance at the Wrestle Kingdom 11!

No one can dispute the fact that Antonio Inoki is not a fan favorite. From his time with JWA to facing Bruno Sammartino in an epic match, he faced off against competitors who all left their mark on him and had some serious bloodletting going on while doing so!

A lot of people are unaware though – even during these intense battles where detritus was being scattered about like confetti at WrestleMania III when “Iron” Mike Sn Ackford put over Ernie Ladd for winning his mask despite having already lost it back before any two men were actually inside Madison Square Garden’s

1. Bruno Sammartino

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He may have lost his entire town, but Bruno Sammartino is still going strong. The 70’s WWE Wrestler and Italian Professional wrestler from Pittsburgh was born into a rough childhood: His brother died when he was just 12 years old while watching helplessly as Hitler’s troops wreaked havoc on their small hometown in World War II Germany.

However, this did not stop him from becoming one of the most popular grapplers during that era with over six hundred professional Championship Titles under his belt!

Bruno Sammartino’s greatest feat is his record-breaking reign as WWE champion. In 1963, Bruno defeated Buddy Rodgers in just under 48 seconds to become 2nd ever and longest-reigning champ at 8 years!


Now that you’ve read about the 15 Greatest 70’s Wrestlers of All Time, who are your favorites? Share with us in the comments below. ‍