Top 15 Youngest WWE Wrestlers (Men & Women)

For many people, professional wrestling is an escape from reality. For others, it’s the only thing in their life that they can relate to. The WWE has been around for over 70 years and has seen a ton of wrestlers come and go.

With so many superstars on the roster today, there are always new faces popping up every week! In this blog post, we’re going to be looking at 15 of the youngest wrestlers currently employed by WWE.

These guys & gals are ready to show you what they got!

Alexa Bliss (30 years)

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Alexa Bliss is a 30-year old mother, fitness guru, and professional wrestler. Though she might not be the most loved superstar in her division (women’s wrestling), Alexa has still proven to fans why they call her “The Goddess.”

Standing at 5’1″ tall with an impeccable athletic background which includes cheerleading as well as bodybuilding prior to becoming involved professionally in sports entertainment; it’s no wonder this small scrappy fighter continues showtime after time just how great of talent can really come out on top against some pretty big names when you’re not looking too much bigger than them!

Alexa’s character underwent a transformation when she turned heel. It is in this new role that saw Alexa’s career skyrocket to heights no one could have imagined before.

A few years later, with partner Bray Wyatt by her side; the two of them created their own brand and it was off into something incredible– Wrestling fans were witnessing history while watching on TV at home!

Pete Dunne (27 years)

Pete Dunne is a high-flyer who has never been afraid of putting his body on the line. From training in Japanese dojos to being champion for over ten years and surviving some tough times while doing so – you can bet this one will go down as one tough guy that knows how it’s done!

Pete Dunne has been a fan of professional wrestling since he was 12, and that’s when Steve took him under his wing. He started with Psychosis as their pro-wrestling training began at an early age for Pete to learn the basics from them both in-person and online through videos on YouTube until they decided it was time for something more hands-on so Psycho Steve taught  Pete how things really get done!

Sasha Banks (27 years)

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Sasha Banks was one of the top faces in the women’s division right from day one. She quickly captured attention with an impressive performance, and it didn’t take long before she would win her first title – establishing herself as someone to watch on NXT’s main stage!

While Bayley eventually defeated Sasha for that championship belt just this past weekend at Takeover: Unstoppable II, everyone who watched said how much they loved both competitors’ matches leading up until then; including where each left their opponent lifeless on the ground after victory had been achieved by either side

Sasha Banks is a sensation in the WWE. She’s done it all from becoming one of their top stars, to capturing gold once and for all!

As soon as Sasha made her debut at Wrestlemania 31 by helping Becky Lynch defeat Charlotte Flair for that year’s women’s championship belt – something which would lead to an amazing feud between these two favorites characters over who was better than another.

She became so popular with fans young & old alike across America couldn’t get enough because they saw themselves inside this incredible athlete kicking down doors fighting battles against impossible odds just so each person can feel whole again no matter what stage or situation life throws our way.

Paige (27 years)

When it comes to women’s wrestling, there are few who can compare. Saraya-Jade Bevis is one of the most successful competitors in recent history with a resume that includes being crowned NXT Champion and winning Diva’s Championship after only shortening her career by two years (to date).

Although she did not manage to stay on title reigns like many other WWE Superstars do these days; Paige still has plenty of achievements under her belt including becoming both champions simultaneously for brands unique among most promotions out there today – N/WWE

After announcing retirement in April 2018, Paige surprised fans by returning to the squared circle – this time as Smackdown’s General Manager.

Otis (27 years)

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Widely known for his unique in-ring style and over-the-top gimmicks, Otis is one of WWE’s most entertaining wrestlers. Despite weighing more than 330 pounds he still manages to give a stellar performance every day on TV! In may 2020 it was announced that this 27-year-old giant had won Money In The Bank by climbing up onto a ladder with only rope holding him there – what an amazing feat!

Even if you don’t think he’s big enough to take on the entire competition, Otis always proves that with just a little push from his friends and family – anything is possible.

A member of Heavy Machinery outfit Tucker has yet won any tag teamed titles despite usually dominating their matchups!

Peyton Royce (27 years)

Picking up where she left off, Peyton Royce is now a member of the RAW brand. Born and raised in Australia, but after moving to Canada at age 16she would train alongside Lance Storm until receiving her tryout with WWE’s NXT-developmental territory group Iliconics. As KC Cassidy Rose grappled for various independent circuits using different personas while growing into greatness on stage before being signed onto this new chapter

After a long and successful career in wrestling, Peyton Royce retired from the ring. However, she would make one final appearance at Wrestlemania 35 where her team of The Iconics defeated Naomi to win their first-ever tag team championship title reign…but they lost it just months later!

Sonya Deville (27 years)

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When Sonya Deville made her way to the WWE, she wasn’t just another pretty face. The Women’s Division was in need of a big personality and that is exactly what this tough competitor brought with her: an intensity unprecedented within its ranks up until then!

After finishing 11th on Tough Enough (of all places!) and securing herself a contract by making history as one-half only female participant for the Royal Rumble match against Emma Stone; it seemed like nothing could stop these unstoppable forces from bringing home gold at every opportunity possible – especially when you add Elimination Chamber event into the equation too?!

It’s hard to believe that Deville is only 27 years old. From her athletic background in MMA, the graceful way she moves around on the mat or applies submissions with confidence makes you think this sexy superstar must be older than dirt!

A strong grappler and well-versed in different types of footwork make me wonder how many championships has this rising star won already?

Sarah Logan (27 years)

Sarah Logan is a female professional wrestler who was born and raised in the woods. She attributes her survival instincts to WWE from when she watched it with her dad on their TV every Saturday morning, before embarking onto an independent circuit where they would compete across US soil as well Europe – all while under Crazy Mary Robinson’s moniker “Crazy” or just referred too by opponents who come face-to-“face.”

In Japan though, here Sarah trained intensively at Taka Michinoku’s dojo (training complex).

Sarah Logan became a WWE star after the Olympics and in Europe, but her style is all hers. A strong woman with one of the most unusual styles to date has been unbeatable for years now thanks to this fighting technique that incorporates closed fists as well headbutts!

Omos (27 Years)

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Like many of the towering behemoths in WWE who came before him, Omos started out as a basketball player for Morgan State University and USF. His height quickly became an advantage on the court but it wasn’t until he signed with NXT that they finally found his true calling-the squared circle!

Not only does this 7’3″ giant have size on his side (and feet), there are few men anywhere near to match up physically against him whether it’s power moves or agility skillset — something opponents will have trouble dealing with every time they step between those ropes come fight night.

In his first year in the WWE, Omos has already managed to send ripples throughout the entire WWE men’s division. In 2018 he won a World Heavyweight Title alongside AJ Styles and placed 4th at Wrestlemania 35 for Team Europe against The Usos! Despite losing out on tag team gold there is one thing that remains certain -Omos’ bright future awaits him with major opportunities ahead of time coming up soon enough

Rezar (25 years)

Rezar and his partner managed to become one of the dominant forces in WWE’s tag team division. Despite their young ages, AOP held both NXT Tag Team Championships as well RAW’s top titles at just 20 years old-an age when most pro athletes are still getting ready for college!

Since making their debut on the main roster 2 years ago they have remained undefeated by capturing all General Manager decisions that would get them into high profile matches against established teams or individuals from other companies like Gallows/Anderson (New Japan) The Hardy Boyz(NXT), Cesaro & Sheamus(RAW).

The team of Rezar, Maverick and Zayn has been one of the most dominant teams in WWE history. In March this year, they suffered a bicep injury which put them on hiatus for an extended period but now it seems like their time is coming back!

Liv Morgan (25 years)

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Liv Morgan is a former professional cheerleader who joined WWE’s performance center back in 2014. She would go on to star as the planted fan that interferers with Tyler Breeze’s entrance before making her first-ever televised appearance, and it only took two years!

In February 2015 Liv made history by being one of few women ever used for this role at NXT Takeover Unstoppable event where she was seen again opposite him during his match against Kalisto but instead got involved by replacing Marley from Cruiserweight Classic season 2 episode 22

It’s safe to say that Liv Morgan is one of the most promising talents in today’s WWE. She made waves after her debut on NXT, and now she competes as part of Riott Squad with other young up-and-coming women like Shayna Baszler (Kassius Ohno). With such an exciting future ahead for this 25-year-old pro-wrestling sensation, it doesn’t hurt us at all knowing who will be taking control when she gets called into action!

Toni Storm (24 years)

Toni Storm is one of the most talented female WWE contestants currently on NXT’s roaster, with her technical skill and strong style making it impossible for opponents to gain ground.

She holds considerable triumphs against superstars like Io Sharai or Rhea Ripley – both competitors who are no pushovers themselves!

And while Toni has lost many matches since starting in wrestling careers 21 months ago (including last week’s title match), she remains an impressive competitor even if just by how long she’s kept up so far without any clear winner yet emerging out of this PvP struggle between two evenly matched individuals. It’ll be interesting stuff come Wrestlemania time…

Rhea Ripley (25 years)

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In a time where women’s wrestling was still in its infancy, Rhea Ripley managed to take on society’s expectations and become one of Australia’s most accomplished female athletes.

In addition to being an incredible technical wrestler with a slick move set that will keep you on your toes from start till finish; however, it doesn’t stop there! She also has the physicality needed not just for matches but any battle between man or woman–something which makes her stand out among other competitors today as well.

Hailing from Adelaide Australia (home sweet home), fans have been following all aspects of this powerhouse through WWE Network & NXT TV broadcasts alike

Tyler Bate (24 years)

Tyler Bate is a British wrestling star with an impressive track record. The 24-year old Wolverhampton native has won championships all over Europe, including being NXT Tag Team champion and the inaugural WWE UK Champion! Although his accolades are dotted throughout different continents he still holds that title as well – making him one of the youngest wrestlers ever to do so at just 24 years old.

The Moustache Mountain member also had some time on American soil where he captured both Progress Tag Team Championships alongside Trent Steeves before moving onto another stable named “Undisputed” which had more success winning them Britain’s two top titles: Preston City Wrestling Undefeated Belt  and Pro Championship Wrestling Crown Jewel Title

As a budding wrestler, Tyler Bate drew inspiration from various professional wrestlers including Kane and Steve Grey.

As he grew up in the sport of wrestling, his skills were honed while working as an operator for forklifts at local warehouses during off hours – which led him into competition with other grapplers on UK soil during the first-ever WWE event ever held there (WWE United Kingdom Championship). After defeating four more technically gifted opponents; Pete Dunne among them!–in this single match alone!

It finally came down to one young man who would go on to become champion: 19year old Tyler Bathe!

Dominik Mysterio (24 years)

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When you think of the world’s most competitive industry, it is an open secret that wrestling ranks right up there with any other professional sport. With 24-year-old Dominik Mysterio currently being its youngest WWE wrestler and despite his father being considered one of Mexico’s greatest Mexican wrestlers ever; he has managed not only to make a name for himself but also carve out space in such a high-pressure environment where everyone from stars like Hulk Hogan on down is fighting hard just to get noticed sometimes by more than enough fans at large…

At age two decades young during Eddie Guerrero vs “The World” Ricardo Rodriguez match (which later became known as El Diego), little did we know how significant this would be

Dominik Mysterio made history back in 2020 as the first-ever heel to win a WWE tag team championship with his father by beating Seth Rollins. Ever since then he’s been going strong, making appearances at Wrestlemanias and even having an undefeated streak!


It is impressive to see how many young, talented wrestlers are breaking into the WWE today. These 15 youngest performers of all time have had an incredible start in their careers and we can’t wait to watch them grow as they continue wrestling for years to come. Which wrestler do you think will be the next breakout star?