Best Kurt Angle TNA Matches (Top 5 Must-Watch Matches)

Everyone knows that Kurt Angle is one of the most iconic wrestlers in history, but not many people know how this Olympic gold medalist and WWE Hall-of-Famer has been spending his time since retiring from wrestling.

In 2006, Angle made a surprise return to TNA Wrestling and quickly became their World Heavyweight Champion! He would go on to have some of the best matches of his entire career against AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, and Jeff Hardy.

With over 100 matches under his belt with TNA Wrestling as well as countless other memorable moments during his long career, these are the very best Kurt Angle TNA Matches you need to see.

Kurt Angle Vs Desmond Wolfe (Turning Point 2009)

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At this point in time, it was becoming clear that there would be no end to the great matches between these two. The last encounter between them saw both men leave victorious yet once again with each other having registered more wins than before against Angle himself. Apart from being quite technical and featuring signature moves which are unexpected counter-attacks too!

The Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe match also had one moment when he knocked out his opponent-the frog splash hit though never won since counts were still at 2 for both competitors after their fight continued on Submission style until finally finding themselves locked up together by an enemy triangle chokehold which leads him ultimately winning but not without leaving us fans wanting another round

Kurt Angle Vs Abyss (Turning Point 2008)

The match was not what many fans expected it to be. They were all predicting a boring contest with no chance for an exciting show, but that’s exactly what ended up happening!

The very first bell would ring out and Kurt Angle went right at Abyss who fought back up the slanted stage by jumping over former Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff’s podium – landing on top of him below where cameras couldn’t see or hear anything about these two brawling away until they were both outside tonight.

Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett (Genesis 2009)

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Jeff Jarret’s best rival? TNA has had plenty of those, but the Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett matches are among one their greatest fights. Both men met on numerous occasions between 2007 and 2011 with a series of wars escalating at Genesis 2009 for a final showdown that would go down as perhaps history’s most memorable encounter between two legendary rivals

A passionate sideline conversation becomes more heated until finally exploding into an all-out brawl in other words: pure brilliance!

After 10 minutes, Jarret met the Angle slam and nailed Jeff using a chair. The match got bloody as he bled from his wounds caused by the weaponized object being used on him earlier in this encounter with Kurt Angle’s son for what seemed like an eternity before finally getting pinned at two counts after reversing it during their first-ever MMA fight between these 2 competitors who were long known to be among America’s finest Superstars but not friendliest wills towards each other; though now something changed due recent events that would soon unfold here tonight–

Kurt Angle Vs Samoa Joe (Lockdown 2008)

Two of the biggest names in TNA met to compete for a Cage at this year’s Lockdown. Both these wrestlers have backgrounds in MMA, which made for an exceptional match incorporating many tactics from that sport!

In comparison with their previous matches, Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle was one between two very talented competitors who are able to put on incredible performances when needed most

In a match where Kurt Angle said it was one of the most complexes, he delivered an awesome performance. He delivered a sequence with setbacks and submissions to robust hits in their typical moves as well combined styles that left audiences on their feet cheering for more!

Kurt Angle Vs AJ Styles (Hard Justice 2008)

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It was a quick and exciting bout that followed the Texas Death Tactic guidelines, with three counts per round. Even Shane McMahon admitted it to be quite overwhelming!

The top combination of chain fighting, compliances, and some setbacks within a few minutes. The combinations resulted in approximately an undoubted ten counts towards the end with Kurt Angle managing to hit his beautiful German from the upper rope which led to his victory!


Kurt Angle is one of the most talented wrestlers in history. He has been on some incredible matches that have left us speechless, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!