Top 8 Biggest Upsets in Women’s Wrestling History

Women’s wrestling has always been a huge part of the WWE. There have been plenty of upsets in women’s history, and these 8 are among the biggest. Sometimes it takes a female to beat another woman to really make an impact.

From Lita defeating Trish Stratus at WrestleMania XXII for her first Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair overcoming Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell 2016 for her second Women’s Championship, we’ve seen some impressive victories over time!

What do you think is the most memorable upset in women’s wrestling?

Cameron Defeats Naomi

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Battleground was the stage for a battle between two former friends. For many, it seemed like an uninspired and weakened attempt by Naomi-Battleground to try again with Cameron after their untimely breakup; but despite all this criticism, she still managed to win in spite of being considered one of 2018’s worst fights!

Naomi’s career in the WWE was an interesting one, but it wasn’t long-lasting. She lost to Cameron on live television and after that match, Naomi went back into developmental where she spent some time with their program for new talents called NXT until they eventually released her because of what seemed like bad behavior or something else behind the scenes that we don’t know about yet!

Shayna Baszler Defeats Kairi Sane

The anticipation was high for this match-up, as Kairi Sane had been dominant against many opponents and many expected the women’s division to take center stage at Evolution. Yet it would be her opponent that took control early on in their fight; Shayna Baszler defeated “The Princess of Pro wrestling” with an impressive performance. The excitement built throughout both competitors’ entrances before finally releasing during one particularly powerful move – causing fans (and fighters) alike to go wild!

The NXT women’s champion is on a roll and has been winning all of her matches by submission, but there was no match too tough for Shayna Baszler as she picked up the win via armbar. The superstar will be adding another impressive championship under her belt after this victory!

Bayley Defeats Charlotte Flair

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It has been quite the year for Bayley. Not only did she defeat the Women’s champion, Charlotte Flair in what many people are deeming as one of 2019’s biggest upsets but it also made her an interim titleholder at Wrestlemania when Asuka returns from injury!

Sasha Banks Defeats Nia Jax

Nia Jax is set to make her Wrestlemania debut in the biggest women’s wrestling match of all time.

With many expecting Nia Jax to walk into MetLife Stadium with a win, it was quite an upset when Sasha Banks defeated “The Mighty” Namajunas at center ring right before thousands who are waiting for this momentous occasion – one which could have seen them crowned WWE Women’s Champion had she taken home gold that night instead of coming away empty-handed after losing by pinfall three minutes 40 seconds into their Championship Match!

Asuka Becomes New Smackdown Champion

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Asuka was, by far and away, the biggest underdog in this match as she went toe-to-toe with two of WWE’s most decorated female superstars: Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch — not to mention one more influential name on their roster too!

But to get a victory here? That would take guts…or determination if you will because no matter what happens next – it seems only inevitable that someone besides Asuka is going home proud from tonight.

This win meant so much for her career after being passed over year upon year at WrestleMania time until finally getting an opportunity just three weeks ago against none other than blue Pamela Booty Bonaduce.

AJ Lee wins the title

The night of champions got off to an impressive start with the WWE women’s championship on the line.

Paige had three chances at retaining her title, but came up short against AJ Lee in each match they fought before this final confrontation which decided their rivalry for bragging rights over who could be considered champion between Divas Division competitor Nikki Bella and fan-favorite Brie Bella- EEK!

AJ would lockdown when she picked up a victory by suplex power bombing out both opponents after tossing one sleeping opponent aside like trash during another heated battle royale competition among all 3 female wrestlers.

Charlotte defeats Asuka

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With no one able to predict who would win at WrestleMania, it was not a surprise that both matches involving the women’s and men’s divisions saw Royal Rumble winners lose their respective matches.

Asuka was determined to take down Charlotte Flair, but it seemed like her luck ran out in the end. Her victory earlier this year had been short-lived as she failed once again on Sunday night at Wrestlemania 34!

Bayley wins NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley always seemed to fall short. At NXT Takeover, it finally felt like she got the break she needed when going up against Sasha Banks for a belt and despite all odds being stacked against her in terms of getting this title shot – including some negative things said by those closest inside WWE about how someone who doesn’t look or talk “physically” enough can never succeed as champion- Bayley pulled off one helluva upset victory!

Bayley talked about how this fight would be different during the contract signing. Despite being the underdog, Bayley picked up her first-ever WWE Women’s Championship title and in doing so she became an inspiration for many fans around the world who are dealing with their own struggles to find strength within themselves against impossible odds!


This list of the top eight events in women’s wrestling history is a celebration of how far our sport has come. Women are more prominent on television, they’re winning championships, and there is even an equal number of men to women competing each year at WWE Wrestlemania! The future for female wrestlers is bright. Which event from this list was your favorite?